Happy Joy 4

Things I am happy about:

1. San Antonio Spurs are in the 7th game of the NBA Finals tonight. We just might get that 5th ring. 

I mean has there ever been a team like this???? 
Win or loose, Spurs forever. 

Also, bandwagon Heat fans? (AKA all Heat fans)

2. A few weeks ago we where lucky enough to snag tickets to a Mumford & Sons concert in Austin. 
You thought they couldn't sound better than they do on the CD? Wrong. These guys are legends in the flesh. Gives me the tingles just thinking about it. 

Unfortunately  a day after our concert, the basist discovered a blood clot on his brain and the band canceled a number of their shows while he recovers. Get will soon Ted!

3. Breck just brought me this piece of cake. 

What can I say? Food makes me happy. 

4. Breck got a summer job at Best Buy! Let's say it all together now: 
Employee Discounts!

All the other bloggers be making summer wish lists like:

And I'm just:

5. I got a new job too! You'll never guess what industry it's in...

SAY WHAT??? I actually get to use my degree? What is this? 1990?

Needless to say I'm tickled pink. 

Ever since graduation I've been watching my friends fly off to New York and California and becoming super star advertisers while I sit here thinking:

But my day has come! I start July 1st as "Lead Designer/Storyteller" and I can't wait!

During my final interview, my new boss mentioned this blog was a contributing factor as to why they chose me. OMG. 


  1. hahaha your blog posts are so hilarious!!! PS=that asain girl gif is the bbbbeeesssttt. pps-I hate to say it but i am a bandwagon spurs fan at the moment i freaking hate the heat

  2. congratulations!!! you are an internet genius. and a life genius. both.