Mad Mad Catchup

Summer's over??? Well... it was pretty great! This is how it went, as told by crappy iPhone pictures:

I brought my friends home to San Antonio to meet the family. 

Lindsay Bull came to Dallas for some thrills.

We were locked in a room with a zombie for an hour... and survived. 

I helped throw a garden party for Baby Abigail Park (who made her arrival earlier this week!). The party was pretty amazing, if you want to check it out for cool ideas click here.

I spent a lot of time working! I had some cool of freelance gigs like this chalk board lettering I did for a Cidery in Bishop Arts.

The team had a segway tour, which was surprisingly delightful.

We also enjoyed a day at the Perot Museum. May I suggest the virtual experience of flying like a bird? Worth the wait.

We spent way too much time dressing our mascot, Manny the Mannequin. (You will not regret following that link.)

And other general tom foolery:

We threw an amazing party! Slowmo booth, live band, free drinks... it was pretty awesome! The team made this awesome art installation for the event:

But what's really been filling my days this past month is my new hand lettering venture! 
Last month, all of my co workers came up with the idea of a Social Media Death match:
Essentially, make a social media account and get as many followers as you can without telling your friends about it. 

The ideas we came up with where pretty nuts. We had an obnoxiously kind panda, a crazy One Direction fan, an account dedicated to pictures of ridiculously cute animals, a gluten free cooking account and a Sock Monkey. 

I decided to dedicate the time to hand lettering. 
The goal was to draw something everyday and then offer it as a giveaway in exchange for people spreading the word about my account. It went pretty well! I even got featured by Goodtype which may or may not of make me cry. 

In the end, the One Direction fan girls surpassed me. They are the spawn of satan and I will hate them forever. The End. 

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  1. I love everything about this. Especially your doodles :)
    But I might hate that you were beat by One Direction fans.
    So. Lame.
    We all know you're the best. It's fine.