Two, Five, & Sixteen

Three more checks for my 25 before 25!

Over Memorial Day weekend we got a group of friends together for a camping trip at Turner Falls! Hikes, campfires, games, swimming, s'mores... a.k.a. the perfect weekend. (Minus being woken up by our neighbors Mariachi music and one very drunk lady.)

Other than stuffing my face with as many marshmallows as possible, my big goal for the weekend was to experiment with talking video. I'm sure I seriously annoyed some of the guys, but everyone was a good sport about letting me get close and personal. So here it is! My first ever home video (I know, it's on YouTube not Vimeo... sue me):

Thanks to the Ayaches and Gametts for adventuring with us!

Bonus points if you can find Josie and Matt:

Last thing! I gave my blog a little refresh! It's a hand drawn header, but that's about all I know about blog design. If you have a talent for blogger layout, please let me know. I'd love to do more drawings for custom buttons but I don't know where to start.

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