Chicken Scratch


This year I had a birthday dinner at Chicken Scratch, an awesome little venue on the outskirts of Dallas. Okay, so maybe it's in the ghetto... still cool! We were #blessed with beautiful, 80 degree weather.

It may of been my party, but these ADORABLE kids stole the show! Emery's giving me the stank face, but trust me, we are in love. 

Judging by how cute all our friend's kids are, odds are that Breck and I are going to have one scary looking child. 

The food was SPECTACULAR. I want to eat my Chicken and Coconut Waffles everyday for the rest of my life. 

Why yes that IS a stage made of wood pallets! Pinterest who?

Per usual, I got super distracted by food and chatting and food that I completely forgot to get pictures of everyone that came! I snapped a few as we were picking up to go, but thanks so much to all my wonderful friends for making me feel so special and loved!

Something I wanted to start up this year was to do a questionnaire of goals/favorites/self reflection at each birthday. There will be no GIF's, so you have my permission to stop here.  

What's your favorite show?
This year I've got to saw that this award goes to a podcast instead of a TV show!  RADIOLAB. If you haven't listened to it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

What's your favorite band/song?
Gah this changes everyday. I'm currently on a Birdy Binge. I can also listen to Shake, Shake, Shake by Bronze Radio Return on repeat for a straight hour. 

What's your favorite book?
This year I've been totally obsessed with The Song of Ice and Fire Series and The Kingkiller Chronicles! Can the next books come out already?

What was your favorite gift?
Breck hit it right on the head with this beautiful watch! Picked it out himself! 

What's the best thing that happened today?
Winning the best slipper competition at work. Granted my only competition was a guy who taped a stuffed animal to his shoe... the victory was still sweet! The PB&J cupcake gets an honorable mention! 

What's you favorite memory from the past year?
Just a small thing. I was in Chicago with Breck on a work trip and I was supposed to meet him on the steps of the The Art Institute after one of my sessions. Just the split moment I first saw him on the steps before he saw me, that was my favorite moment. I am SO in love with the man I married!

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Saving money! Haha I sound like a nerd saying this, but I get a serious high every time I put money into our savings account. And if I'm being honest... I'm MOSTLY excited about what we want to do with that money! (cough cough Euro2015) 

What's one goal you have for this year?
Start writing people! I want to start collecting addresses and send gifts, notes, and artifacts to loved one's, acquaintances, and strangers! I want people to know how they have positively affected me. 

I lied!!! GIF!


  1. Thanks for the kind words. We've linked your blog post to our Chicken Scratch Facebook page...the pictures were wonderful. Happy Birthday from all of us at Chicken Scratch!

  2. Happy Belated Lovely! Those food pictures have me drooling!

  3. Happy Belated birthday to one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. :)