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I know. I am so overdue for a post. And I have so much to tell you! But before I flash forward to my new life in Texas, I think I need to give a proper farewell to my life in Provo. And what better way to do that than with the way I started this blog? It's Pro/Con list time.

Let's start Negative Nancy:
The Cons:
1. Traffic. Now this is not necessarily because Utah drivers are bad. BYU/UVU campuses have students from all over the world, and the culmination of all those driving habits is a near disaster. Combine that with Utah road crews (assuming they exist... I've only ever seen their equipment) and you have a full on catastrophe. I won't draw this out too long, but let me just get this out there: THE TURNING LANE IS RESERVED FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE TURNING. It is NOT your place to jump over to the other side of the rode and wait for traffic to thin. Idiot.
2. Culture. Those who say that the area has no culture are completely wrong. Sure, there may not be much diversity to that culture, but the beast exists. Here are a few things things that rub me wrong:
-Girls checking out girls more than they check out guys.
-Guys that travel in packs, all wearing variations of the same shirt.
-Grocery stores/Gas Stations that act as potential mating grounds (cough Smiths cough 7/11)
-The Belmont/Arlington Fashion Show (aka Church)
-General feeling of superiority to all other human beings.
-The abbreviation of everything, even if it is only a one syllable word to begin with.
3. Housing. Housing in Provo is the biggest joke that ever happened. First, the idea of BYU Housing Codes is just plan stupid. If people want to have sexy time, they are going to do it whether they have a room to do it or not. And why was I 21 and still having cleaning checks in my apartment??? Stop. Just stop. PLUS, they are ungodly expensive for the quality you get. For the same price as the crappiest apartment in Provo, I could practically get a penthouse in a nice area of Dallas, PLUS a pool, laundry, and a full gym.

Alright enough of that! Time for the Pros:
1. The People. Nuts good people in this place. Ambitious, creative, and clean, Provo is a hub for the best sort. Sure, many of the guys need to rethink their pant size and many girls needs to grow a pair when it comes to dating, but at the core they are solid. I am really going to miss the friends I've made.
2. Adventure. Seriously, Utah is a the best place to be for a good dose of excitement. If you have the time to travel... Moab, Zion's, Yellowstone, Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, and Park City are all a day or less on the road. If you don't have time for that, the people here will literally do anything for fun. Slide on a trash can lid down a drainage tube? Yep. Hunt each other with marshmallow guns in the mountains? Done. Endless nights of dancing to a variety of strange party themes? All in a days work.
3. Setting. Even freezing cold and scraping 2 inches of ice off my car window, I could look around and appreciate how beautiful Provo is. Winter and Summer, there is something majestic about being snuggled up between a mountain and a lake. There are not many places were you can drive a mile and be in an enchanted wilderness, or go to the local running path and find yourself on a winding trail beside a bubbling brook. Take time to appreciate it.

Thus ends college days in Provo. Undoubtedly the best collection of years in my life.

Goodnight wild thing.

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